In today’s world where there is a surge of various booming ventures and professional service providers, we as a consumer find it really hard to find the one which sees our interest a bit before their own and to say the least at least gives us what we pay for. There is a multitude of companies or ventures out there which not only overcharge us but also rip us off shaking our confidence in humanity. So for all those victims out there, let’s see these various modern day rip offs that ew come across every day.

1. The Bottled Water: What the water companies claim about their packaged water bottles being some mystical and totally pure and derived from the foothills of your country’s favourite and glacial mountains is a big lie. As various sources have pointed out almost every packaged water company fills their water from municipal tap water.
So, yes what you think is the nectar of life purified by filters is just normal water overpriced and you are being completely ripped off!


2. The Warranties on Electronics: The additional period of warranty that you bought is almost ninety percent of time more than or at least equal to the average price of the repair. Now how much brilliant it is to pay off something that you might or might not use in future.
So if you are looking for the extension of warranty on your electronics appliances, juts so you know it is just not a good of a decision that you think it to be.

3. The Razor Blades: Some years ago there was a news story coming out in countries like UK and US about how razor companies are colluding to raise the prices of the razor blades and associated products illegally. though the story might have made some waves but now the razor blades are marked up about 5000 percent.

4. The Funerals: How often than not the funerals are often mentioned in a sentence with the rip offs. With an average cost of about 6000 Dollars, this surely is an expensive way to say goodbye to your loved ones. Funeral services are one big heartless rip offs masterminds.
Just so you know before going to hire a service or book a room don’t mention its a funeral and if you have to do mention it later ask why the prices are revised after that.

5. Gym Membership: These are the hurting thorns for almost every family. Gym membership nowadays is not cheap and the fine print in their agreement make sure you are walked through hell before you quite the membership and the fine charge for quitting are just steep.
There have been instances when the gyms have been charging money to people’s families even after their death.

6. Premium Gas: Contrary to what they claim premium um gas isn’t magically better for your car neither does it cleans your engine. The only difference between premium and regular gas is that premium gas coins high-octane which are less combustible and is necessary for some specific high-performance engine. You, speaking, in general, doesn’t have those high-performance engines. Rip Off!!!


7. Hotel Minibars: Hotels know that you don’t want to leave once you are in your room and hence they try to lure you by providing smallest most ridiculously expensive of potato chips and soft drinks that you have ever seen. Of course, you can go out and have some moderately cheap stuff but you know as well you don’t want to leave your room.

8. Free Credit Reports: Now who would fall for that? Surprisingly many do! In the US, you are entitled to have your credit report check for free by the government once a year. But the various companies providers of this free credit reports are the ones who can lure you into buying products or stuffs you probably don’t want or need by easing up on their EMIs or what nots (apparently!).

In India too these trends are popping up with companies offering you free credit reports and scores for free for easy loans or EMIs.

9. Branded Painkillers: While in some industries the generic products are of lower quality than the branded ones in medical industries they are legally required to use the exact same chemical compositions in their branded versions. It means that  ADVIL is exactly 100% exactly the same as generic ibuprofen. The only difference is of labels and price!


10. Text Messages: This one even leads computer scientists to testify against US congress. As it is each text message cost carriers about one-third of your cent yet you have to pay up to twenty cents for each text.
In India, our various countries the currencies might be different but the rip off percent is almost the same.

11. Lottery Tickets: Your chances to become a wealthy CEO than winning a lottery as there are more wealthy CEO than lottery winners. Some economists have even pointed out that publicly run lotteries are a tax on people being ignorant and vulnerable.
It ultimately boils down to statistics but if you look at the math lotteries are the biggest rip offs ever.


So these were the 11 Modern-Day Rip Offs that you must come across in your daily lives. So next time when you come across these just so you know these have ‘Rip Off’ written all over them.
Have you ever you been ripped off before?
Share your stories with us in the comment section below and we might mention them in our next article of this series.

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Cheers till our next post! Have a great time guys!

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