Space is one of the most alluring topics to be discussed and researched amongst the intellectual community. Believe it or not but everyone has got the desire to at least once see what the celestial bodies look like from up there. Majestic, Spiritual, mesmerising are the words used to describe the biggest vacuum known to humans by ones who went there. So let’s come on and see what suppose to be 17 scary facts about space.

1. Black Holes

Black holes are formed when stars die. But apart from creating wormhole theories and making time travel enthusiasts excited they basically create a bathtub-sink that drains almost anything that dares to come near them.
This one is more terrifying as there may be many black holes near our solar system.

2. The Meteors

Meteors killed the dinosaurs and there is plenty more of them where they came from. This one from this list is spookier in itself as one named 3753 Cruithne is 3 miles wide and is orbiting the sun nearly at the same distance as the earth and hopefully will stay several million miles away from our planet.

Meteores_Scary_Facts_About _Space

3. All That Gold!!

All gold present on earth came on earth several years ago from outer space via meteorites. So this is one of those facts which you can relate as any gold you are wearing has come from outside of this planet.

4. The Dog In Space!!

The dog named Laika, the first living creature to orbit the earth is not present in space though some of our fellow earthlings think so. But for a while there was a terrified dog that was dying of stress and heat in space in 1957.
And this one is the spookiest one in this list.

5.The Himiko Cloud

The Himiko cloud is the largest known object in known universe and its half the size of our galaxy. What is scary about this facts is that scientist still don’t know much about its origin. It’s 12 billion light years away.

6. The Planet Mars!

The planet Mars! We can safely say that it’s equally fascinating and spooky. Many speculate that life might be possible on the red planet and might be brought the earth via asteroid. We now know that in past it had flowing water. Who knows what mystery does our red planet holds!

7. Diamond Rain!!Icerberg

The Neptune and Uranus according to scientists have giant diamond icebergs floating upon an ocean of carbon. Also, they have proposed that there might even be diamond rain. This one from this might be the most jewelled one!

8. Gamma Rays Burst

Gamma rays burst is the most powerful radiations bursts in the universe and according to scientists about 440 million years ago there had been a mass extinction owing to them. They can rip off our atmosphere and ozone layer in seconds leading us to a painful death. I really hope these one never do come into reality!

9. The Hydrogen Cloud

A giant cloud of hydrogen gas weighing as much as one million stars is headed towards our galaxy. Thankfully it will be millions of year when it gets here but hen it does it may cause a reaction which may cause the creation of new stars.

10. Zero Gravity

Zero gravity which may look like fun from the earth when actually encountered may be very dangerous to humans. Prolonged exposure to zero gravity may lead to muscle atrophy and reduction in bone density.

11. Extraterrestrial LifeAlien

The existence of extraterrestrial life in this vast universe may or may not be a possibility as according to Fermi paradox (check it out as its super cool!).
We must really think about it and two questions arise from it will they be our friends or foes? And which one is scarier that there is no other life in this universe

other than ours or there is!

12. Zombie Stars

There are so-called Zombie stars that come back to life by stealing material from the neighbouring stars,,. Also known as 1A supernovas. Luckily there ain’t one yet found near our solar system (yet!).

13. The Storm On Jupiter!

There is a giant hurricane-like storm in Jupiter so big that you can fit 3 piles of earth into it. We have watched it for centuries, same storms catching colours. This one is probably one of the oldest known fact about space for Jupiter visitors!

14. Darkness!galaxy-colliding

Even with stars and galaxies and various street lights that our solar system contains there is a vast amount of nothingness in space.
Really the majority of space is just vacant and dark. No idea what or who could be lurking out in here and there is just darkness, pitch black darkness. Whether it’s sentient or not nobody knows but this one enough to give me nightmares if I dwell a lot about it!

15. The Vast Universe!

Apparently, every beautiful thing in space will kill you instantly. And when you start to realise about the vastness of this universe you will realise that you problems are so pretty and our existence as humans is just a part of this enormously vast universe.

16. The WOW SignalWOW_Signal

In August of 1977, the radio of Ohio state university’s big ear r0adio telescope received a signal lasting for 71 seconds a signal which came to be known as the WOW signal and attempts to locate its origin came up with nothing! This is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries till date as well.

17. Answer It!!

The final point of this list is a question to you as it seems important to have a general survey after this.
“If you were n intelligent species of an advance civilisation and come to know how  we hurt each other and kill each other sometimes for the sheer joy of it and manage to destroy our home planet at an alarming rate, would you visit us?”

Which one of these did you find most chilling and scary?

Mention it in the comment section below or provide the link below.

We hope all of you guys enjoyed the list and make sure you follow us if you haven’t done that already and share it with your friends or people to share the knowledge.

Cheers till our next post! Have a great time guys!

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