It the thing that you need first, when you open your eyes in the morning  and its the same thing that helped you during all-nighters in those tough times. Coffee can be aptly said the lifeline of today’s tiring world and let’s go on a journey to learn 19 interesting coffee facts:

1. The Discovery Of Coffee

Coffee_factsThere are several legends on how coffee was discovered, one particular legend goes that while travelling through Ethiopia, the sufi mystic Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili noticed birds having extraordinary vitality and then after trying the berries which the birds were feeding on, he himself also experienced similar vitality.

2. Largest Consumer Of Coffee

Finland, the largest consumer of coffee in the world has a national average of 2.64 cups per day including the children. Excluding the children, the average will be much higher surely. They drink a lot of coffee!

3. Largest Procducer Of Coffee

The largest coffee producing country in the world is Brazil. And it has been holding this title for the last 150 years. The environment and climate here provides the ideal growing conditions for coffee with coffee plantations covering am area of about 27,000 km square.

4. Egg Coffee:

Coffee is made from egg yolk as well. Yes. Vietnamese egg coffee is prepared using egg yolks, condensed milk, Robusta coffee and sugar. It is a common item across all cafes in Hanoi. It is said to taste like a custard with a coffee flavour. Worth a try!

5. Most Expensive Coffee:

Coffee_facts_kopi_luwakKopi Luwak, which is one of the most expensive and rarest coffees in the world is actually made using coffee beans digested by a civet cat. Yes, it’s made from cat poop! Maybe this is one of the reasons why it is so expensive.


6. Monkey Spit Coffee:

How about a cup of coffee made from spits of monkeys? The monkey spit coffee is here. The monkeys eat the coffee fruits and spit out the seeds which are then collected. Known for its unique vanilla flavour and is rare to find.

7. Weasel Puke Coffee:

And now puke coffee! The weasel puke coffee is here. The weasels eat the coffee fruits, then vomits the seeds which are then collected. Known for its delicious flavour, it’s worth a try if you are ready to spend as it has a heavy price tag attached.

8. Jacu Bird Droppings Coffee:

Cat Excretion, Monkey Spits, Weasel puke and finally Jacu bird droppings! Yes, a coffee made from bird droppings. The Jacu bird always chooses the finest of coffee beans to eat and therefore it’s droppings is full of the tastiest of coffee beans. It is a very expensive coffee and is difficult to obtain.

9. “The Strongest Coffee In The World”:

coffee_facts_death_wish_coffeeAnd finally, the Death Wish Coffee! The brand calls its coffee “the strongest coffee in the world”. The coffee brand claims that it has three times caffeine than a regular cup of coffee which is a lot. So be careful if you wish to purchase it.

10. The First Item To Be Freeze-Dried:

Another one of the Coffee facts is that it was one of the first food items to be freeze-dried. The freeze-drying process was first used in the second world war to store and preserve foods without the need to refrigerate it.

11. Is It a Bean Or a Seed? :

The coffee “bean” is actually a seed; the seed inside the coffee fruit. Another one of the surprising Coffee facts, isn’t it?

12. Second Largest Traded Commodity:

Coffee is the world’s second largest traded commodity, the first being crude oil. It is also one of the oldest commodities of the world as well.

13. The First Instant Coffee:

Coffee_facts_plantThe instant coffee process was invented by George Washington just before World War I. No, not the US President but an American businessman, George Constant Louis Washington. This is one of the most interesting facts about coffee!


14. The Naming Of Java:

One of the surprising Coffee facts is that the programming language Java is named after Java Coffee. Yes! That is true. James Gosling had initially decided to name it ‘Oak’ because it was already taken. And since he and his team was consuming a lot of Coffee exported from the ‘Java’ island, they decided to name it ‘Java’.

15. Some Coffee Addicted Geniuses:

Voltaire, the writer, historian and philosopher was a coffee addict and is said to have drunk 50-72 cups of coffee per day. Also, Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th POTUS was another coffee addict who is said to have drank a gallon of coffee per day. Must be a pretty good cup of joe!

16. Coffee Could Cause Divorce:

In the ancient Arab culture, if a woman wanted to divorce her husband then there was only one way: If her husband didn’t provide enough coffee. That is weird and is one of the most interesting facts about coffee!

17. World’s First Webcam:

The world’s first webcam was invented to check the coffee level in a coffee pot, which is also known as the Trojan Room coffee pot in Cambridge University. Another one of the amusing Coffee facts, isn’t it?


18. Coffee Can Kill You:

Too much of coffee can actually kill you, a study found. One would initially start experiencing hallucinations and mania. But that amount of coffee which is ‘too much’ won’t physically fit in one’s stomach.

19. Health Benefits Of Coffee:

Coffee reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and also Parkinson’s disease, studies found. Coffee is also linked to longevity and a good heart. So, as you can see coffee has health benefits as well.

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Source: Wikipedia and Caffeineinformer


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