Over the course of our life in this age of internet and social media we have surely come across many photos that seem strange and on a closer look at those ew chuckled and realised that they were photoshopped. But here we have few of those kinds which though look like they are photoshopped they are real. So, let us have a look at these strange but real photographs.

1. The Ship That Nearly Wrecked The Village:

This looks like someone just pasted a giant ship on top of this beautiful village but this is certainly not the case as this is one real photograph.
This photograph is of Newcastle, Australia and it’s just surreal!


2. The Giant Table And Chair:

This one just can’t be real right?
It is! Yeah, it is!
This enormous structure is a creation of renowned artist Giancarlo Neri.
his masterpiece is called: ‘The Writer’ which consists of a 10m-high chair and 7.30m table, made of wood and steel.

3. Giant Rabbit:

Yes, these are real and yes these are scary! Who would have imagined that an animal so warm and fuzzy could’ve grown into such a gigantic and scary!
This pic deserves its place on the list.
These rabbits, known as Giant Greys are bread for food and sure as hell the business is booming!


4. The Ultimate Sinkhole:

This enormously giant sinkhole is situated in Russia and has taken the internet world because of its size. But to everybody’s’ surprise, the photo turned out to be true and is actually the world’s largest diamond mine.
The helicopters can’t fly over it due to the various air currents around it.
Go ahead and check out its video on YouTube which will convince you.


5. Goats On The Tree:

This a real tree with real goats and this is the photograph of the tree in Morrocan desert. The goats are actually on the tree for its leaves and fruits!
Local farmers condone and even cultivate this bizarre feeding practice, keeping the goats away from the trees while the fruit matures and releasing them at the right time.
Talk about strange real life problem!


6. The cartoon Kleenex: 

Neil Dawson creates eye-popping sculptures and this one is of its kind.
Yes, it is a real structure made of steel and not a mere photo-editing product! This lies on top of a hill in NewZeland.


7. Rock Balancing:

It looks like someone had lots of superglue or someone used his/her masterpiece in photo-editing. But no it’s too an actual photograph and actually an artform.
This artform comprises of balancing rocks in precarious ways that seem to defy gravity.
(Yes it takes a lot of time!)


8. Real Or Painting:

This is one hundred percent real photograph of the Namibian Desert taken during twilight. This National Geographic photograph was taken by renowned photographer Frans Lanting and made quite a stir on the internet being called fake or animated.
(It isn’t sky in the background but sand dune. Cool eh!)


9. Black & White Santa:

This can’t be real! But I was swept off my feet when I discovered it is just a result of excellent makeup artist.
It was taken in San Francisco SantaCon and just stormed the internet as anyone looking at it will have a hard time realising that it is just another real photograph.


10. The Huge Duck: 

What started as a marketing strategy became an internet sensation when a media company started strategically placing giant ducks made of rubber at various harbours around the world!


11. Epic Sandstorm:

These kind of sandstorm pics are very real and can be found in abundance on the internet and most one of them looks like edited!
It is true as you can see the photo below looks like someone edited a dust storm right beside a peaceful city but it isn’t the case.
This one was taken by a photographer in Iraq.


So this was our list and was sure fun as hell. I came across much more pics that deserved to be on this list but just couldn’t.

Do you have any one such pic or know one?
Mention it in the comment section below or provide the link below.
Don’t forget to like and subscribe and please do leave a comment below.


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