Everyone is scared of something. But there are phobias which may appear strange and shocking to us but terrifying for the people who suffer from them. So, here are 17 strangest phobias people actually suffer from.


1. Scriptophobia

It is the extreme fear of writing in public. This strange phobia can be hereditary or can also be the result of some traumatic experience. This can be also be caused by fear of having privacy violated.

2. Uranophobia

This is one of the strangest phobias I have known as it is the fear of heaven. Though most people wish to go to heaven, some people are extremely scared even to think of that. One of the reasons of this phobia is said to be fear of winged human-like beings or angels. This fear can also be influenced by one’s religious interests.

3. Nomophobiastrangest_phobia_nomophobia

This is the fear of being without mobile phone coverage. It’s shocking that this is actually a phobia! The main cause of this disease stems of addiction. People start feeling dependent on their mobile phones.

4. Acerophobia

It is the fear of sourness or any food that tastes sour. People suffering from this strange phobia stay away from all kinds of sour food items such as most citrus fruits and pickles as well.

5. Papaphobia

This is one of the strangest phobias as this is the fear of Popes. Papaphobia is often related to Ecclesiophobia (which are both the fear of church, organised religion or holy people), Hierophobia (fear of holy people or sacred things) and Hagiophobia (fear of saints or holy things). This huge headgear and crown worn by a pope can care a kid and that can be one of the causes of this phobia.


This is the extreme fear of numbers. Failing or doing poorly in Math at school may lead to this phobia. Having been the subject of ridicule, being scolded, bullied for having done poorly in math exam may also trigger Numerophobia. It is the fear of all kinds of numbers though there are phobias of specific numbers such as Triskaidekaphobia(13), Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia(666) and Octophobia(8).

7. Allodoxaphobia

This is the fear of opinions. Negative opinions from teachers and parents often lead to this fear of opinions. Some people find it extremely terrifying to voice their opinion while others are scared of hearing opinions about them. It is indeed a strange phobia.

8. Chirophobia

It is the fear of hands. A painful injury in the hands or acute arthritis in that part may lead to this extreme fear of hands. This fear can also be caused if someone has been beaten by hands in the past. It is indeed another very strange phobia.

9. Venustraphobia

This is one of the strangest phobias as it is the fear of beautiful women. The main cause of this phobia is past experiences with women which didn’t go well. Poor self-image and low self-esteem can also lead to this phobia.

10. Bibliophobiastrangest_phobia_bibiophobia

This is another one of the strangest phobias as it is the fear of books. People suffering from learning disabilities or having difficulty with reading develop this phobia mostly. Also, if one has been criticised in childhood for not reading properly and adequately, then they may develop this fear. Some people fear the stories or only a subset of books.

11. Euphobia

It is the fear of good news. This is not a joke. It exists. There are people who are terrified of hearing good news. This can be the result of hearing good news that actually did not happen in the past. Such people feel better in a chaotic environment and they do not show happiness hearing any good news. It is indeed a strange phobia.

12. Ithyphallophobia

It is the fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.


This is the fear of time. This is often related to one of the most common fear: the fear of death. People suffering from this phobia are scared to accept the fact that we have no control over time and that we have a limited life-span. Such people feel that they are being ruled by the clock. It is indeed an extremely strange phobia.

14. Peladophobia

It is the fear of bald people or of becoming bald. Some people fear that bald people may become zombies thus developing the fear. While some people develop this fear due to past experiences of being threatened or tortured by bald people.

15. Metrophobia

It is the fear of poetry. Some poems can be hard to understand for students in schools and that maybe a reason of this strange phobia. Some people also feel that understanding poetry is not possible for them.

16. Phobophobiastrangest_phobia_palledophobia

It is the phobia of phobias. If you have read the article till here, you don’t have it surely. A person who has no phobia or is suffering from some phobias but is scared of suffering from more phobia may develop this phobia.

17. Panophobia

It is the fear of everything. People suffering from this phobia live in a constant fear that something evil is going to happen to them. Such people already suffer from other phobias. They live in constant fear that their lives can change into something worse.

So, these were 17 strangest phobias people actually suffer from. Just imagine how difficult life can be for people who are afraid of books or good news or who suffer from any of the above phobias.

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Do you also suffer from any phobia? I am extremely scared of heights and spiders.

Cheers till our next post! Have a great time guys! 🙂

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