Birds are fascinating creatures with the gift that has both inspired and baffled humans since ages and finally inspired the Wright brothers enough to change the course of history! You have to admit that at least once in your lifetime you have wished if you got their wings and flown across the landscapes and rivers and seas with a care in this world! So let’s have this list of 9 amazing facts about these amazing birds also known as avian dinosaurs that are simply astonishing, to say the least!

1. Fastest Bird:

With the ability to exceed 320 km/h (200 mph) while in hunting mode peregrine falcon is the fastest bird there.These are found on all continents except Antarctica, and on many oceanic islands and surely on of the astonishing birds worthy of being on this list.


2. Deadliest Bird:

Cassowary, weighing more than 60 Kg. and with a height of 6 feet tall, this flightless bird is at the top of deadly birds’ list.
These birds are found in rainforests of New Guinea and nearby islands and the Wet Tropics of northern Queensland, Australia; these birds in endangered species list can kill you


3. Biggest Bird:

This position is held by this well-known species of huge bird, the ostrich and quickest of among the other amazing birds on this list by a large margin!
This flightless giant two-legged creature can sprint at over 70 km/hr 25 km/hr. more than the fastest human alive, Usain Bolt (44.72 Km/hr).
So if I were you with an Ostrich in my sight, I would try not to provoke this one!


4. Largest Flying Bird:

Kori Bustard is the largest flying bird which is native to Africa.
These amazing birds weigh up to 16 Kg with a wingspan of 230-275 cm (male). This heaviest living animal capable of flight is an omnivore and lies in the nearly threatened category!


5. Smallest Bird:

You know its answer.
It is one of the most famous bird on this planet: the Humming Bird.
These tiny birds are native to Cuba. One of the many fun facts about them is that they beat their wings so fast( about 80 times a second) that it’s the motion is imperceptible to the human eye! Also, they can fly in any direction from flying straight up, down, backwards and even upside down!


6. Longest Living Bird:

The Albatross has the longest living span for a bird of about north of 60 years. They mate for life and female one lays only one egg in a year.
Also, they are the largest seabirds with a wingspan of 3.5 metres.


7. Biggest Beak Bird:

Australian pelican has the longest beak measuring 13-18.5 inches long. With respect to body length hummingbird with its 4 inches beak has longer than the bird’s body (excluding the tail).
These birds are surely magnificent to look and are the only pelican found in Australia.


8. Birds Which Can Swim But Not Fly:

This title goes to our famous flamboyant Penguins!
These are aquatic, flightless and by far the most popular among these birds that live exclusively in the southern hemisphere while the Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin species that ventures north of the equator in the wild.
They have flippers that help them swim freely in ice cold waters.


9. Bird With Largest Migratory Distance:

Arctic Tern in his lifetime of 25 years can fly an astonishing distance of about millions of miles which is nearly three times the distance between the earth and the moon.
A seabird of the tern family, Arctic Terns are found mainly in coastal regions in cooler temperate parts of North America and Eurasia during the northern summer. During the southern summer, it can be found at sea, reaching the northern edge of the Antarctic ice


So, that’s all for this post about the facts about these amazing birds and their feathery world which actually just swept me off my feet.
I didn’t know almost most of these facts earlier and the world of Ornithology sure now looks quite interesting.

Which of these birds you liked the most and which are the other amazing birds which you think should be on this list?
Tell us in the comment section below.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list of birds’ list and make sure you follow us if you haven’t done that already and share it with your friends or people to share the knowledge.

Cheers till our next post! Have a great time guys! 🙂

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Pic Credit:
Animals – National Geographic
The Wildlife Trusts
Native Plants and animals



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