The man has always been intrigued by this vast universe that lay before him and since the beginning of time had always tried to look for the answers in the nature that surrounds him and the stars above.
While most of the puzzles have been answered by humans that had baffled them at the start but there are still a handful of things that science still can’t explain.
Let’s look at few of these handfuls of puzzles that science still can’t explain and hopefully someday will!

1. A Toddler Remembers Being Murdered In past Life:

Afterlife is something which can only be found in religious preachings and even though some of them deny its existence some surely stand by their claim.
Their claim has now a recent testimony when a 3-year-old boy from the Golan Heights region near the border with Syria and Israel claims to remember being murdered in his previous life with an axe.
He showed the village where he was killed and showed his peers where to dig for the skeleton and the murder weapon.
This as baffling as it sounds surely has gained the attention of many people from the science community and surely isn’t the first case of its kind.
But one thing is sure that science still can’t explain this equivocal situation.

2. Alien Skeleton-Like Photographs, NASA yet to explain:

The Curiosity rover had sent some amazing pictures of the red planet’s landscapes but a few of them have brought back the sparkles in the eyes of alien hunters and conspiracy theorists.
The images taken on the Mars shows a set of humanoid bones and as usual, NASA is yet to give a proper answer to it.
This is both ways is fascinating as do they know that the conspiracy theories around the pictures are right or even in this era of advancement science still can’t explain the picture!

3. Boy Caught On Fire Spontaneously:

The police officers in  Edmonton, Canada came across a bizarre case of a spontaneous combustion of a 20-year boy who woke up only to see one his nightmares to be true finding himself engulfed in flames!
That’s true!
Almost 30% of his body suffered 2nd-degree burns and as every case on this list doctors as well as science still can’t explain this horrific and baffling incident.
Also, this kind of incident isn’t the first to occur.
Google it up!

4. The Woman With Around 1000 Near-Death Experience:

There are only a handful of people who are fortunate enough to have one near-death experience in their lifetime.
But that is not the case with Beverley Gilmour who until this day lives a healthy life and had near brushes with death over 1000 times!
According to her, she had been witnessing around 3 NDEs (Near Death Experiences) per month since 1987.
As she told and as NDE’s are defined, it happens as she lies down, goes into a trance, feels her heart stop, leaves her body, sees her body and hears everything that’s going on around her.
Scientists have no clue whatsoever about why has she been flirting with death or having so many NDEs and it is safe to say now that science still can’t explain her so frequent NDEs anytime soon.


5. Tide Leaves the beach With No Sand:

The entire volume of this Cornish beach was swept away in a high tide leaving the beach wind no sand. Yes, it happened and yes it will be an understatement to call this incident just usual!
What was more unusual was that hours later another tide brought back the sands and restored the beach as it was and the Oceanographers are saying that they have never seen this kind of phenomenon before.
This incident was witnessed by many people from the village and when they tried turning toward the experts they were of no help.
This incident surely deserves its place on this list and science still can’t explain this!

6. Strange Cloud Conquered The Panama City Florida:

It was a fine morning when the Panama City Beach, Florida, got the attention of the whole weather-world! The clouds formed so low and then they really get thick, almost obscuring the high-rises, as stated by Dr Forbes.
It looked like a tidal wave of cotton filling and for some who woke up late that day the sight must be more horrific than pleasant.
Though there are a few explanations about the cause of this kind of cloud formation the sudden occurrence of these perfect set of conditions is one of the mysteries that science still can’t explain!


7.  The Strange sound heard around Costa Rica: 

On January 9th, 2012,  the people of Costa Rica and some European countries were baffled by the trumpet-like sound coming from the sky.
It was loud, it was puzzling and it got scary after a few minutes. As people were astonished by the scream coming from the sky, many used their smartphones to record the phenomenon and I  encourage our readers to go ahead and check it out. And while doing so I will let you know that scientists have got many copies of them sent to them and even folks at the pristine churches of science still can’t explain this acoustic incident that almost looks like a still from some Sci-fi movie!

8. The Boy From Iowa Devoid Of Urge Eat Or Drink:

It all started when Landon woke the morning of 14th of October 2013 when he suddenly lost all sense of hunger and thirst and was dizzy nearly to the point of passing out.
The previous day seemed normal. Landon had been riding his bicycle and devoured a bowl of ice cream and slices of pizza.
“Something happened in the middle of the night,” his father said, “and he woke up this way, and it hasn’t stopped.”
His chest was clogged with phlegm and he kept coughing up.An eventual chest X-ray revealed a bacterial infection in Landon’s left lung that soon was eradicated.
Even though he can taste and smell normally the boy had lost any desire to eat or drink.
And adding to the misery of his parents, Science still can’t explain his sudden loss of hunger or thirst.


9. A Strange Chunk Of Rock Containing Around 30000 Diamonds Unearthed In A Russian  Mine:

In December 2014 a red and green tinted rare rock was unearthed by the miners in the Russian mine of Udachnaya.
This rock contains so many pieces of diamonds has been donated to the science for its study of its composition.
Containing many tiny pieces of perfectly shaped diamond this rock has been kind of a ‘rockstar’ (pun intended) among the Geophysical community.
As every other incident on this list the scientist has yet to present a plausible explanation supporting its existence and till date, science still can’t explain its occurrence and its numerous diamond constituents.

Science has made astounding progress since the second world war and has made even greater advancement in the last decade alone.
But yet there has been a handful of instances where even the pristine institutes of science have yet to offer a viable explanation about them before us.
But looking at the past it has always come up with answers and it’s just a matter of time.
So we should not be unsettled by its silence but continue our journey to find such questions which are yet unanswered.

Benjamin Franklin had once said “That knowing is better than wondering. That waking is better than sleeping. And that even the biggest failure, even the worst most intractable mistake, beats the hell out of not trying”

Do you know any phenomenon which is not on the list and has left the science community in awe? Mention in the comment section below. We would love to know more facts.
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The Des Moines Register

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