In this age of the internet, there are a lot of platforms providing us with entertainment and one such platform is YouTube. There are hundreds and thousands of YouTube channels out there ranging on topics from ancient history to hip hop songs, for every type of viewers as they say. But some channels stand out due to the quality of their content and anchors/guest they feature. In this list, let’s see eight of these awesome YouTube channels that you definitely need to check out.

1. LastWeekTonight:

The renowned Emmy award comedian John Oliver host this show which is an HBO premiere in the prime time of production.
In various episodes of this channel, Mr Oliver ponders upon various issues that we seldom worry about which is never enough.
What makes it a great channel is that the content is well researched and the wit and charm of his comedy make you fall in love with this show. With over4.5 million subscribers which are growing at an enormous speed, you definitely need to check out this one.


2.MIT OpenCourseWare:

One can change the world and make it better with education and education alone and clearly this is the motto of the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology as they brought before us world’s foremost education channel filed with its pristine content and guess what they are offering it for free. Yes, one can never put a price on quality education but MIT seems to just rip off the price tag and provided us with lectures on a variety of content starting from Electronic Devices to Indian Freedom Movement.
But believe me as you can see it yourself the content are of prime quality and if there is a topic in your academics that you can’t understand or want to learn about this is the channel for you.This is one of the best youtube channels for learning.

3. Mathew Santoro:

This guy is a hardworking genius when it comes to comedy as you would notice comparing his early and recent videos. Seems like he has figured out what YouTube viewers want and needs and he is serving them quality contents in his videos. His famous series of ’10 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind’ is really amazing.
With over 5 million subscribers to his awesome YouTube channel, Mathew Santoro is clearly on the rise in Youtube world and so are his Youtube videos.


4. Vice news:

Journalism, the name of passionate informing. It can influence people and overturn the government. And this awesome YouTube channel has taken it to a more pragmatic level with Emmy award-winning host Shane Smith informing you about the things that matter to you the most and sadly you choose to be ignorant knowingly.

Journalism, the name of passionate informing. It can influence people and overturn the government. And this awesome YouTube channel has taken it to a more pragmatic level with Emmy award-winning host Shane Smith informing you about the things that matter to you the most and sadly you choose to be ignorant knowingly.
The trips around the world comprise the interview with people who are directly affected by that issues and his equivocal opinion about the matter at hand will educate your mindset about the world you live in for sure.


5. List 25:

With their list of 25 points about various fascinating things, a channel of the website of the same name will do a great job entertaining you on the same hand lighting you about various things you didn’t know. And you know what is more important at the end of every video it will leave you with a big smile.
With 2 million subscribers and going check this Channel right away.



For all those movies fans out there or those who are in constant search of movies of their suitable genre this awesome YouTube channel for you!
With top 10 list on various movie gossip to oscar/raspberry award nominees to great performances by any artist, this is the channel that makes you feel home right away. So, go to your Youtube account and check out as chances are you probably must have seen a couple of their lists earlier!

7. Life Noggin:

Can We Reverse The Damage Done To Earth? How Do The Blind Perceive The World? Why Do We Forget Our Dreams? Are We Alone In The Universe?
All these are the questions that you must have someday of your lives asked for yourselves and then shrugged it off thinking that maybe there is no answer or you didn’t know where to find them.
Well not anymore as this awesome YouTube channel takes of the most curious questions that channel our norm of thinking in a comical way.
So without further a due go ahead and check out their channels as after the end of every video you will definitely learn something new.

8. Ted Talks:

Ah the wisdom and so many great people sharing the same stage. Gone are the days when you eagerly waited for the Ted talks to be held in any nearby city of your location as those are just a click away from you and they have their own YouTube channel with over6.5 million subscribers.
Many speculated that with so much of technological advancement Ted talks will soon become obsolete but that’s not the case as you will be surprised the views their YouTube channel get in just hours after their posting a new video.
These stage talks are a great way to entertain yourselves with qualified speakers such as Bill Gates to James Cameron to Bono!

So, these were 8 of the many YouTube channels that you need to check out.
I am sure you will find them fascinating as they have content for people from every genre!

So that’s it from me. I hope you guys enjoyed the list and make sure you follow us if you haven’t done that already and share it with your friends or people who are looking for some quality contents to watch or maybe help out a friend you is finding a particular part of his/her academics a bit tough!

Do you know of any such awesome YouTube channel? If it’s a Yes, don’t forget to mention the channel below so that we can check them as well.

Cheers till our next post! Have a great time guys! 🙂

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New Statesman


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