Humans live their lives gaining knowledge about their surroundings by observing them and pass on their wisdom to the upcoming generation. But over the years this process has been somewhat flawed through common myths and popular misconceptions which have made a home in our mind.
But in this age of technology and sophistication, it is possible to debunk these age-old and utterly common myths. So let us go on a journey and enjoy debunking 23 most common myths that we believe about the things related to our daily life.

1. Contrary to popular belief being cold will not actually give you cold. You are more likely to get a cold in a hot and stuffy room than outside in chilly air.

2. It’s a myth that all bacteria are bad for you. Even though they are the culprit behind many diseases as pneumonia and food poisoning there are many bacteria that are actually good for us like those 100 trillion good bacterias residing in our intestines to help us absorb nutrients.

3. Some people believe that our blood is blue as it appears so from our veins and gets its red colour only after being mixed with oxygen from our lungs.
Actually, the veins appear blue as our body only allows the blue colour to penetrate or skin hence giving rise to this common myth.

4. Eating sugar doesn’t make you hyper so enjoy all the candy you want. A Large amount of sugar affect your weight but have no effect on your cognitive skills.

5. It is one of the most common myths great wall of China is not the only human-made object visible from space.
To your surprise, the wall is not visible from the space indeed as said every astronaut.

6. Picking up a baby bird and returning it to its nest will not cause their mother to reject them.
People have this common myth as they have contaminated the baby bird with their sins they will be abandoned. This is not true as birds are not physic nor they actually have a strong sense of smell.


7. Human senses are not limited to only just five. They have way more than just five senses. There is a common myth you must have had read in childhood!

8. Alcohol consumption will not make your body warm they just create the sensation of being warm. What they actually do is dilate and stimulate near the surface of the skin with a warm wave of blood-making the core body temperature lower.

9. Contrary to the myth the bats are not blind. In reality, they can see perfectly well and can also use echolocation to navigate at night and mapping their surrounding.

10. You may have heard this quite common myth that a penny dropped from a high building or tower can pierce your skull and kill you. This is simply not true as due to air drag the penny reaches a terminal velocity and hence will not accelerate to sufficient speed needed to pierce your skull. Though it might hurt a bit!

11. It’s a common scientific myth that red hair people are soon to go extinct due to climate change as a gene cannot just go extinct. Red hair is a recessive gene so both the parents must have it in order for their kid to show it. So it will eventually become rare but red heads will not go extinct.

12. Now for the StarTrek lovers!
Laser fight cannot happen in space as in order t see a laser the medium particle must scatter the rays but as we all know space being a vacuum will not show lasers until they reach or hit a target.

commonmyths_ Laser_fight_in_space

13. Also, it’s a common belief that asteroid belts are quite dense and it takes a great deal of expertise to navigate through them as shown in movies.
But in reality, these belts are located between orbits of mars and Jupiter are so large that if you stand on any asteroid it will be difficult to see its neighbour without using a telescope.

commonmyths_ asteroid_belt

14. In most action movies it is shown that one opens a lock by shooting them with a pistol which is not realistic and over simplified.
Where most common handguns would not do the job while a high powered rifle will. Also, the shrapnel that comes flying off the lock could be lethal especially if it is shot at a point blank range.

15. In movies, it is shown that after explosion people casually just walk away from it. While in reality there would be serious danger from any shrapnel flying around and the shock waves that are generated from the explosion travelling many times faster than the sound.

16. It is often shown that a barrel of gasoline is exploded while shooting at it.
In reality, it won’t be possible for a bullet fired from a normal gun to provide the due spark for ignition. So the barrel won’t explode so dramatically even after shooting at it!
commonmyths_ explosion
17. It’s a common myth that lightning cannot strike at the same place twice. It’s completely wrong as it can for instance Empire state building on average is struck on 25 times per year.
In a large field, it lightening will likely strike the taller object more than once before striking the next nearby taller objects.

18. It’s a common myth that after we die our fingernails and hair continue to grow which is just not true. It’s an illusion.
While dead our skin starts to dry out whereas out hair and nails aren’t affected at all hence it looks like they are growing.
To grow these things our body needs to get nutrients and produce keratin which is not possible once we are dead.

19. The common myth that by drinking milk our body will get calcium for ur bones is wrong and over hyped. The calcium in milk isn’t easily absorbed by our body and it can actually deplete the calcium from our bones.
The best way to boost those bones is to regularly exercise and eat plant foods like spinach.

commonmyths_ milk

20. One of the most common myths is that we only use 10% of our brains. Technologies such h as FMRI prove that we use a vast majority of our brain one way or the other.

21. Cracking knuckles will not eventually lead to arthritis. This was a common myth that just got debunked

22. The gum once swallowed will take seven years to digest. Our body cannot digest it at all as it is made from rubber-like polymers and just pass through our body straight through.

23. Contrary to common myth brain cells can regenerate. The memory and learning centres our brain can actually create new cells which make us more likely to remember things better than other animals.

These were few of the many common myths that I came across while researching about them. One thing is certain and I am sure you would agree we learned may be more than a couple of things and that’s what life is all about.
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